Accounting & Finance

CFO's and executives face increasing expectations to drive profitable growth and align with the overall strategy while keeping on top of reporting and operations. Baca Consulting can help elevate their roles through our strategies, planning, and execution. We work directly with your CFO and finance executives to gather, interpret, advise, and deliver insights on business strategy in ways that drive the organization to create and sustain more business value.

We can help you build a finely balanced set of innovative capabilities across strategy, operations, analytics, and performance and report management. We help support the enterprise's strategic plan by providing value through insights and enhanced decision making.

Our solutions improve and enhance accounting processes such as accounts receivables and payables, fixed assets, useful analytics and KPI's for project managers and senior management, develop policy and procedures to reduce the potential risk of employee theft, assists clients understanding of new industry reporting standard requirements that can drastically impact financial reporting, create budgets and forecasts, business plans, cash projections, generate financial statements and customized reports, and install accounting software and conversions.