About the Founder

Baca Consulting Group was founded by Michael Baca, a successful executive with over 20 years' experience in the construction and real estate development industries. He has demonstrated consistent growth and profit margins and has been fortunate enough to have celebrated many successes in various positions throughout his career.

Michael increased the revenues of a construction company from $28 million to $100 million through mergers and acquisitions that allowed access to new clients and entering new markets with new products and services. He increased net income from 2% to 8% by increasing the effectiveness in workflow optimization of people and processes, improved project management, renegotiated pricing with key vendors and utilization of new technology.

He began his career at Arthur Andersen & Co., in the Los Angeles Tax Department. It was there he was introduced and developed his appetite for construction and real estate development. His largest client at Andersen was McGuire Thomas Partnership who was involved in a myriad of projects that provided for a broad range of experience in construction and real estate development industries.

Michael earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting from Utah State University and an MBA from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas.